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My name’s Lee Hopkins and I’ve suffered from depression since I was about five years of age — I’m now in my 50s. It was in my teenage years that my bipolar disorder 'kicked in'.

I have spent various years on and off of medication, various years happily working healthily and enjoying good relationships, most the majority of my years have been marked with unhappiness, dysfunctional personal relationships and a desire to go ‘Robinson Crusoe’ and be left on my own.

Of course, I have all the survival skills of a modern couch-potato teenager and would last about a week on my own before I starved to death, or was killed by some insect or plant.

This blog is partly a way of me helping myself come to terms with and live with my depression, recognising that there are ‘good’ days and equally there are days where getting out of bed is a major struggle because Churchill’s black dog has pinned me down with its weight.

But it is also a way of offering comfort and support to fellow sufferers, and those who have to live with, work with or love them — which believe me is no easy row to hoe.

If you want, you can email me privately — depressbipolar at gmail dot com — but always feel free to leave a comment on my posts, anonymously if you like. I won’t delete them, honest. I’ll only delete obvious spam (and I know that, despite claims to the contrary, viagra and cialis don’t offer miracle cures for depression!)

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